All your Questions answered in one place


1. How does WineMoola work?

WineMoola is a platform where you connect freelance wine sellers to buyers, giving freelancers an oppertunity to make good money selling wines. The WineMoola app includes detailed information on South African wines and integrates credit card payments with automated deliveries. It also has a message platform where you can communicate with fellow freelancers and a photo gallery to post some WineMoola experiences.

2. Do I, as a freelancer, need to arrange any wine orders?

No, all you have to do is sell and sell a bit more. The app triggers all parties and once your sales are done, you can sit back and enjoy your rewards.

3. How much commission do I earn and when will i get it?

Commissions are calculated on 15% of the total wine cart amount (VAT inclusive) and excludes the shipping amount, payable to freelancers on a weekly basis.

4.What happens after I have registered on WineMoola mobile app?

Our team will verify your account to make sure you are above 18 years of age within 24 hours. After verification, you can proceed to selling some lovely wines.

5. To whom can I sell wines?

Anyone in South Africa that is 18 years or older.

6.When will your buyer get their wines?

Wines will be delivered within 5 working days.

7. Can I order wine for myself?

Absolutely! You will be paid the same amount of commission doing that, so effectively you buy at 15% discount.

8.What do we expect from you as a freelancer?

We do ask that you will be a stand up representer and brand ambassador for all our wines. If you have any problems, please contact us directly and not jump to any negative conclusions. This is the 1st wine selling app out there, so glitches might appear, but lets work together to solve them effectively. Please note that it remains your responsibility to declare your income to relevant parties and we cannot be held responsible for any misconduct.

9.What do we plan for WineMoola?

We have a HUGE list of cool features that we will implement in the near future, so please keep updating your app to stay on top of bug fixes and cool new functionalities.

10. How does WineMoola work and do I have to buy wines then resell them?

All you have to do is download the app, go see your potential buyer, show him/her the wines on the app and have them purchase the wines from you through the app. The delivery address and credit card details are those of your buyer. Once the transaction is successful, it triggers a bunch of actions to the couriers to collect, the wineries to prepare the wines and automated commission calculation..

11. Why do you need our bank details and ID document?

We need to collect your bank details so we know where to pay your commission. We need a copy of your ID to make sure you are 18 years of age and older. All servers are 100% secure and no one has access to this data.

12.Will new wines be added?

New wines get added on a daily basis and will continue to expand.

13. Who is WineMoola and will my buyer get his/her wines?

WineMoola is a mobile application platform, made, designed and owned by Barnardt Boyes Wines (Pty) Ltd, with offices on 98 Dorp Street, 3rd floor in Stellenbosch. Feel free to see what other companies we are affiliated with on www.barnardtboyes.com. The following parties verified WineMoola before we went live:

1. Google Play Store

2. Apple Store

3. Peach Payments (credit card payment processor)

4. All wineries who's wines are on WineMoola.

14.Can I have a catalogue for the wines?

WineMoola must be seen as an, in-your-pocket, inner circle online selling tool, to make extra bucks – selling wines to people you know. Your phone is your catalogue. The app was designed to do sales in person. We do have a remote payment function that will be implemented in future updates, so be sure to keep automatic updates switched on.